Latest ICS of Louisiana Newsletter: Spring 2014
About 9 in 10 Americans experience pain on a regular basis and is the most common reason for visits to the doctor.
Below is list of excellent resources regarding pain and it's management.
Websites: Recommended Reading:
  • In the Face of Pain Newsletter
  • The Pain Survival Guide: How to Reclaim Your Life (APA Lifetools) by Dennis C. Turk and Frits Winter, Ph.D.
  • Living with Chronic Pain: The Complete Health Guide to the Causes and Treatment of Chronic Pain by Jennifer Schneider, MD
  • Understanding Chronic Pain: A Doctor Talks to His Patients by Robert T. Cochran, Jr, MD
  • Conquering Your Child's Chronic Pain: A Pediatrician's Guide for Reclaiming a Normal Childhood by Lonnie Zeltner, MD and Christina Blackett Schlank
  • Managing Pain Before It Manages You by Margaret A. Caudill, MD